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In memory of a truly unique character in Marvel Comics history.


My tribute page to the White Tiger. An intriguing character, an anthromorphic tiger who appeared in the sadly short-lived Heroes For Hire series, she was a creation of the High Evolutionary. Created for the specific purpose of slaying his rogue creation, the wolven Man-Beast, she first was seen at the breakout of the Vault metahuman prison, where he was purported to be. She soon after hooked up with Iron Fist's group, the newly formed Heroes For Hire. She adventured with them for a great deal of time, the group learning about her past as she learned things about her new comrades, the group soon coming together as a true heroic fighting force, defeating threats such as the U-Foes and the megalomaniacal self-proclaimed Master Of The World.

But there was a problem. White Tiger, her whole life, had been nothing BUT a tiger. Now she was, essentially, human. Although she had a humanoid body, her mind was still that of an animal. She found herself becoming attracted to, and falling in love with Iron Fist. When she discovered that he already had a lover, Misty Knight, she confronted her with intent to win Danny by killing her, proving which of them was most worthy of Iron Fist's heart. The fight ended with a draw, Misty forcing White Tiger to confront the fact that she couldn't handle human emotions the way humans could.

Soon, High Evolutionary, suffering from evolutionary problems resulting from his newest Isotope, called her back. The Acolytes had taken Wundagore, her 'birthplace' and home, and it was time to take it back. She, along with Iron Fist, Ant-Man, Black Knight, and Luke Cage of H4H, went to the Evolutionary's current HQ, only to get into a brief scuffle. She detected from a dent in one of the Knights Of Wundagore's armor that he was the Man-Beast in disguise, and she attacked him. Man-Beast severely injured her and took off, the rest of H4H and the Knights getting into a battle. High Evolutionary ended the battle by devolving the four males into apes, and taking his Knights and leaving.

The group temporarily reverted back to normal as Quicksilver joined the group, and a full assault was prepared by H4H on Mount Wundagore. H4H, once their, was forced to battle both the Acolytes and the Knights Of Wundagore, the Knights being forced to do Man-Beast's bidding since he had captured High Evolutionary. A massive battle ensued, with the end result being High Evolutionary getting Isotope E back, making his surviving Knights nearly invincible, and making himself a God. Quicksilver took the Isotope and made himself as powerful as his father, Magneto, while the last two Knights who remained sane, Lady Bova, and Lord Delphis, worked to save their mentor.

Meanwhile, White Tiger was hunting her nemesis, the Man-Beast, both of whom having been knocked aside by High Evolutionary midbattle. She found him in a telepathic mindlink with Exodus and Thena, helping them weaken High Evolutionary so that Quicksilver could fight him better. She was stopped by the Iron Fist, and was forced to fight him. He was trying to stop her from killing Man-Beast while he was linked to the others, since doing so might kill Thena and Exodus as well. She fought him, her instincts, as well as the knowledge that Iron Fist, whom she loved dearly, would never consider her anything more than a close friend, overwhelming her. In the meantime, Man-Beast's plan succeeded, although Exodus and Thena were knocked out in the backlash. He then released a psionic-equivalent of an atomic bomb, knocking EVERYONE out... save for White Tiger, who was immune to his powers. The two fought their last battle, Tiger's superior strength in her bestial, weretiger state overwhelming Man-Beast.

As they fought, Lord Delphis stabalized the Isotope, and used it to heal their master. It had only a short time left before it died, so he used it to make his Knights sane and normal again, as well as stabalize the erratic evolutions of Cage, Iron Fist, Black Knight, and Ant-Man. He then turned the Isotope on Man-Beast, turning him into a harmless, normal wolf.

He then offered White Tiger full humanity, apologizing for not rewarding her sooner. But White Tiger didn't accept, and asked to be returned to her animal state.

She knew that her love would be forever unrequited, and knew that she couldn't handle human emotions, and what they were doing to her. She begged High Evolutionary for release, and he agreed, returning her to her original form. Saddened, Heroes For Hire left, and moved on with their lives, remembering their lost friend.

White Tiger herself? She has been returned to the jungle she was taken from, and is, hopefully, living as peaceful a life as she can manage.

This page and image gallery is my tribute to her, a tragic, interesting character that I feel never got a chance to truly develop.

Heroes For Hire: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, Heroes For Hire '98 (final)
Sensational Spider-Man: 28
Quicksilver: 11, 12

Her first appearance


Tiger's Final Moment As Human

I am constantly looking for new images to add to this page. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated, and if you wish I will add your name to a contributors list. Please, if you find some White Tiger images, I would greatly appreciate you directing me to them, or e-mailing them to me. I can be reached at Thank you.

A page with good H4H fanfiction. Tiger is indeed a character in them. :)


White Tiger is copyrighted to Marvel Comics. All images are copyrighted their original owners and used w/o permission for non-profit purposes. To everyone that contributed, I thank you, I just cannot remember your name. Please e-mail me and I'll add your name to a contributor's list on this page.