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Fanfiction: The Paladin's Tomes
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Here's some fanfictions written by KnightMysterio.  I think they're quite good, actually.

I am currently a writer in Darkfighter, an RPG where you apply for a character, and if you get them, you write that character's story.  The RPG's currently in a state of inactivity, but the archives are still up.  Go look at all the goodness. :) Err... Link got changed to something else, nevermind. :(

Finally I start to get fanfiction up.  Here are my two characters in Darkfighter.  Go take a look. :)

Here's a new pet project of mine.  A new Gargoyles fanfiction series, basically my version of Season 3.

GARGOYLES: Wyvern Clan Reborn

Various other writings I've done, will get their own sections later.

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I'd like to take this time to remind you that Darkfighter is copyright its creators, but the characters in it are copyright Capcom, and borrowed for non-profit amusement purposes.  Same thing with the non-original characters in the other fanfics on this page.  However, the ORIGINAL characters on this page are copyrighted to KnightMysterio, and you must ask his permission NICELY and wait until he says yes before you can use them.