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This will just contain weird stuff that I think up at random.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to my blushing bride, the lovely miss Tifa Lockhart.

My dear sweet darling wife.
Hee.  Gotta love a man who treats you good.

Greetings everyone.  Tabasa here.  KnightMysterio has created a rather INTERESTING experiment in FightingGameology, and it would be nice if it came to fruition.  Please click me and I'll take you right to it. It's called Marvel vs. DC.

This is my new pet.  It's a Legion, and I borrowed it from Dracula.  ISN'T IT CUTE?!

Behold the greatest villain of all time.

The King Of Evil
Life is good when you're me.

I have recently joined Cobra, becoming a CRIMSON GUARD COMMANDER!  COBRA FOREVER!  Mwahahahaha!!!

Click the picture!
Join us and rule the world!

My man.  Why are you still here?  There isn't that much t'see, so just click me to head on back to the main page once you're done lookin' around.

Hey, I did say that this site was under heavy construction, didn't I?