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A Little Bit About Me
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I'm shy, so don't expect to see much from this page.

Profile Of The Online Me
Name: KnightMysterio
Species: Lightning elemental
Height: 6' 7"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Eyes: Diamond crystal
Hair: Silver  (literal silver)
Skin: Sky blue
Clothes: Usually found wearing a canary-blue business suit.  Also has a massive, silver suit of armor that he uses for battle.
Fighting Style: Raigeki-ryuu, a self-made style
Spell Adept: All forms of Black Magic & White Magic, as well as weapon-elemental magic.  (Final Fantasy-style magics, that is)  Also is proficient in Summoning, as well as Blue Magic, which has allowed him to learn EVERY attack from nearly EVERY fighting game in existance.  (There's some fighters he just won't go near, though.)
KM's Summon Magic
Aeons: Shiva, Ifrit, Titan, Carbuncle, Garuda, Leviathan, Ramuh, Fenrir, Madeen, Atomos, Ark, Eden, Doomtrain, Bahamut, Yojimbo, The Magus Sisters, Anima, Ixion, Valefor, Bismark, Ragnarok, Crusader, Hades, Knights Of The Round, Alexander, Siren, Phoenix, Mist Dragon, Diablos, Pandemona, Tonberry, Cactaur, Cerberus, The Brothers, Quezacoatl, Odin
Dark Aeons: Diamond Weapon, Emerald Weapon, Ruby Weapon, Oilboyle, Tiamat, Kary, Lich, Kraken, Griever, Nemesis, Omega Weapon, Ultima Weapon, Penance, Vegnagun, Sin, Seymour Omnis, Safer Sephiroth, Jenova SYNTHESIS, Kefka Palazzo, Ozma, Necron, Shinryu, Culex, Sphinxaur, Tri-Point, Krysta, Trauma, Gargantua, Red Giant, Behemoth, Marlboro, Adamantoise, Demon Wall
Weaknesses: 1337.  I swear, that crap is like green kryptonite to me.
Worst Fears: Tornadoes
Weapons: An obsidian cane with a silver dragon's head on it.  Also, he has a massive longsword with ornately carved runes on the blade that he uses in his armor.  The blade is also laced with a powerful, corrosive poison.
KnightMysterio didn't start out well.  At 16, when he was just known as Mysterio, he appeared in a forum for a tournament fighting show called MVFC and started making a righteous ass of himself.  His form was more human in appearance then, and he was nowhere near as powerful.    He was rude, demanding, insulting, the traditional troll.  After being humiliated and thrown out of the forum a year and a half later, he made an even bigger fool of himself trying to apologize.
He put himself into exile, then.  He was standoffish at first, drifting from place to place, learning what he could from various sensei, growing in strength and wisdom over the years.  At times, he considered suicide to end himself, finally realizing how foolish he was being.
((Sadly, I have considered suicide many times in real life.))
Much calmer, he achieved enlightenment.  He gained a true sense of humor, about both himself and others, and made a brief return to the forum, severing ties after stating his feelings.  He fell in with a better, calmer, not-as-fanboy/girl-ish group, and achieved friendship.  His one dark moment came when he was denied something and he let his short temper show.  But that was forgiven, at least to his knowledge.  When that group dissolved, going it's seperate ways, he set out to journeying again.
Now he is KnightMysterio.  A peaceful, pacifist individual with no desire to hurt anyone emotionally or physically.  He is a Pagan peacekeeper, a Paladin of great skill and nobility, who's intent is to simply enjoy life and take it as it comes.  He is cynical at times, but he cannot help but hope...
"I live for the moment, and can't wait to see what's next."
Raigeki-ryuu techniques...
Normal Moves
Lightning: A simple lightning bolt shot from the fingertips.
Thunder Roar: KM crosses his arms in front of his face and leans forward, launching a massive electrical demon from his arms.  It eats most normal projectiles.
Shock Field: KM creates a forcefield of electrical energy around himself.
Thunder Column: KM surrounds himself in a column of lighting, shooting a wide energy ring up the column that expands as it goes up.
Bolt Wisp: A damaging version of his normal teleporational ability.  He explodes in a burst of lightning, reappearing somewhere else.
Shocker Swing: KM grabs his opponent for a giant swing, channeling electricity through his opponent as he swings him/her before releasing.
Storm Thunder: A three-part move.  (Part 1.) KM grabs his opponent by the leg and slams them on the ground hard enough to bounce them.  He then sends points, creating lightning bolts that strike the opponent, bouncing him/her further away.  (Part 2.) KM teleports to his opponent's location and does a hurricanrana, throwing the opponent high into the air.  (Part 3.) KM punches the ground, creating a MASSIVE lightning bolt that knocks the opponent back to earth.
Slice Fist: KM slashes the air with his hand, creating an arc of electricity.
Slice Kick: KM does a slashing jump kick at the opponent's head, creating an energy blade.
Super Moves
Electro Beast Laser: KM floats into the air and fires a MASSIVE energy beam, the head in the shape of a demon, at the opponent.
Cyclone Storm Claw: KM thrusts his hand forward, which then becomes a MASSIVE electrical claw.  If it is not defended against, it grabs the opponent, detaches from KM's hand, and explodes.
Quadruple Dance Trouble: KM replicates himself three times around the opponent.  All four KMs begin an massive beat down on the opponent, their fists and feet encased in electricity.
Ultimate Technique
Thunder God Power: KM powers up, SSJ-style, and releases a MASSIVE dome of electricity that covers him all over for miles in all directions.

I am copyright me, whenever I feel like it, so there.  Nyah. :P