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Hey, everyone else is into the online adoption thing, why shouldn't I be?

Greetings.  I am Sheeva, noble Ambassador of the nation of Shokan, here to assist KnightMysterio in hosting his page.  I have been chosen to host his Adoptees page and...  ...To me this page makes little sense.  I mean, I've heard of collecting trophies for conquest, but this is just collecting people.  Collecting people?  Why?  For what reason, other than for meaningless display?  It's weird.  Anyway, I'll let KM take over from here.

Thanks, Sheeva.  Well, here's my collection of Anime Adoptions.  I hope you enjoy them, because they'll be growing and undergoing modifications for quite some time.  Click on Igniz at the bottom when you're ready to go back to the main page.

Here's the page for my Bishoujo.
Pocket Bishoujo

Here's the page for my Gym Bishoujo
Pocket Bishoujo Gym Leaders

Here's the page for my Bishonen.
Pocket Bishonen

Here's the page for my Seibutsu
Pocket Seibutsu

This is my harem. >:)

Kawaiiness Playground

Reduced to being a back button... Disgusting...

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