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Shadow's profile... (Created by me for Darkfighter since he has none in the games)

Character Background: Once upon a time, there was a powerful demon known as Malken T'Arousi. He wanted to rule the world of Darkstalkers, and actually did so for a while, dethroning two of the dark kings that ruled the realm. However, he was challenged by a third creature. He never learned his name, but was defeated easily in one on one combat. The creature locked him in a pool of darkness, and left him to languish for thousands of years. Finally, one day, Malken freed himself. But he had changed... He had become little more than a spirit, a living Shadow... He couldn't even remember his own name! In a desperate bid for revenge, he created a shape-shifting demoness named Marionette, and set her out to find the infidel that defeated him. However, he was not content to sit in his pool and look dark all day. Testing himself, he left his pool, and set out in the world. Either Marionette or he himself would find the one who dethroned him. One way or another, he would triumph.

Character Plans: This is going to be basically a story about a medival demon trying to survive in the modern worlds of Darkstalkers and humans. There's going to be some conflict along the way of course. (Kind of a given, huh?:) ) He and Marionette are going to connect frequently. Unofficially and in offical combined chapters. Before all this, though, I'm going to do a few chapters from before he became Shadow. Also, in a series sort of thing (and a recent idea) since both Shadow and Marionette are new to their bodies, they will go through a storyline where they discover just exactly WHAT they truly are now...

Character Strengths: He is a being of energy, and can't be hurt by such things as fireballs and physicality. He can possess the bodies of others by entering their shadow, learning anything and everything about them, gaining control of whatever abilities his victim may have.

Character Weaknesses: He is a living shadow. He can't lash out to protect himself, his hands just pass right through. He can only touch when he is inside someone's body, and this is slowly driving him stark raving mad. He also needs to periodicly feed on the soul of whomever he is in. His ego is another fault, as he will not admit that he truly needs Marionette more than she needs him. Finally, one *BIG* fault is that he is new to being Shadow. He has no idea of his limitations... or his strengths, and this may cost him in the future...

Prophet Of Darkness

Shadow Interlude #1


Shadow & Darkstalkers are both copyrighted to Capcom...