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My first Darkfighter character...

Official Capcom Profile: Marionette doesn't have one.  She's basically a mirror-match character.  So I made up a profile for Darkfighter.

Character Background: The demon known as Shadow, driven into the darkness by a demonic, self-proclaimed 'Dark Messiah', had finally been freed of his infernal prison of shadow water. But, to his dismay, he had been reduced to nothing more than a mist. So, to gain revenge and destroy his usurper forever, he took the soul of a little girl and changed her into his servant, the deadly Marionette. But something he didn't count on occurred. The little child's soul resisted him, and fled from his realm of darkness, leaving Shadow behind. Now Marionette must make her way in the world alone, the soul of an innocent trapped in the body of a demon. And heaven help those that anger her...

Character Plans: I want to write a story that is character driven, involving her trying to regain her humanity while fending off the evil Darkstalkers and the worst of humanity. Of course, there will be challenges along the way...

Character Strengths: Her main strength is that she can change into an exact replica of whomever she is fighting. She knows all the abilities and weaknesses of those she battles with.

Character Weaknesses: One must not forget that, despite the fact that she is a powerful demon, she is still possessed of a little girl's mind. She is extremely naive, and the demon energies make her short tempered. Shadow placed a curse on her, so for that every life she takes, more and more of her humanity is destroyed.

Corrupted Innocence

Marionette Interlude #1


Marionette & Darkstalkers are both copyrighted to Capcom