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Marionette Interlude #1

"All Are Puppets"

Outside the apartment of Alia Falcos, midnight, on the roof of the next
building over...

The old man watched Marionette lovingly though the window where she lay. The Falcos woman had brought her to her apartment, and had cleaned her up to the best of her ability, which suprised the old man, since when the policemen tried it, she simply boiled away the water.

He smiled, chuckling to himself and shaking his head. There were grand things in store for the young girl.

He blinked, and ducked back behind an air conditioner as Alia Falcos herself came into veiw. The young woman, clad in simple, blue pajamas came over to Marionette and stood over her, frowning. She smiled, and brushed one of the girls bangs out of her face. Then she did something the old man didn't expect.

She turned to someone who didn't seem to be there and started talking to her.

The old man blinked and ducked out of site completely, holding his breath. Could she be a Stand User? he thought, waiting until he heard her moving away. He sighed, and turned back to the window. Then he smiled again. Alia had tucked her in. As Marionette slept peacefully he turned to contact
his counterpart in Makai.

Malakon. Malakon, are you there?

An image of a creature made of pure blackness given human shape shimmered into veiw of the old man's mind.

What is it, ancient one? Malakon demanded.

Nothing much, I am simply checking in to see how things are.

The shadowy entity shook his head. The Chosen is bearing witness to the History. He will aid us in our quest.

The old man nodded, then bit his lip, worried. Are you sure we can ressurect him?

I'm quite sure. If the prophecy that fallen angel witch gave us back then was true, we'll be able to restore our master to life.

The old man nodded again. Malakon's eyes flashed. What do you have to report, ancient one?

My boy has created two entities so far, and it's the ones we expected: The Brute Paladin, and The High Priestess.

Excellent. Your son is learning fast.

The old man smiled proudly. I know, His tone turned serious again, What of the Council? They did not approve of our plan when Menori presented it originally...

What the Council doesn't know, won't hurt us. You just keep an eye on the two of them, old fool. Your son is resting right now, regaining his strength after being driven out by The High Priestess, and letting what the Dark God left in his memory return. Keep them apart for as long as you can, and keep them both out of trouble. When they are strong enough, we will claim them.

The High Priestess may have someone to protect her. She has been taken in by a human who seems fond of her, despite the fact that she thinks her a murderer. At least, it seems that way to my eyes. The only problem is that she may be a Stand User, the old man thought to Malakon.

Malakon blinked. This could complicate matters, since we know so little of that breed of humans. All right. I'll finish with this one, and send Menori to aid you. You just be ready.

Understood. The old man broke the connection and smiled to himself. It was all coming together now...

Not even the Hated One could stop them now...

To be continued...

Marionette copyrighted Capcom.  Everyone else copyright me.