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Here's some of the people who help keep this site running.

First off, here's the management:

King basically keeps everything and everyone else in line for me.  She's a great help and I make sure to keep her very well paid.

Gold Ranger was basically a present to King.  She was a little dubious at first, but once she saw what he looked like with the helmet off, she was in love.  He's been his semi-unwilling boytoy ever since.

Rouge is the head of my... Acquistions Department.  She gets what I need for... various projects.  *evil laughter*  Anyway, her importance in my staff is what gets her management-level pay.

And now also, my enforcers/bodyguards:

These guys will be appearing in various places throughout the site, hosting various pages for me and on occasion acting as 'Go Back' buttons.  They'll usually inform you if they are a Back button.

These fine persons are my Public Relations Department:

The site's Bouncers.  They're here to dispose of the riff-raff:

My Personal Assassins, who also double as an act (the Illusionary Beauties) at King's tavern/restaurant, Illusions.

Legal Matters: These three handle all disclaimers.

Finally, the Complaint Department.  Please direct all complaints to these two gentlemen:

Gentlemen, please give our guests a demonstration of your reponses to any and all complaints.  Thank you.

Well, that's it folks.  I hope you've enjoyed meeting my staff.  Click on the giant Onslaught below to go to the main page again.

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