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Darkstalkers Pre-History
Shadow Chapter Negative 5
Know Your Enemy.

Today, in an ancient building owned by the currents Lords of Makai.

The minor demon calmly went about his duties, dusting off the old books in the library. He was good at his duty, and was proud that the masters trusted him to clean their buildings. He fancied himself to be a monster version of the human fictional character Alfred. He certainly looked the part, being human in appearance every aspect save for the wings, red eyes, and green skin. He was loyal to his masters, and skilled at keeping things tidy.

Aside from that, his ten foot wingspan made dusting twenty-foot high bookshelves a hell of a lot easier.

One day, Taranthus was calmly going about his duties as butler to the current rulers, when he came across a book he had never seen before. It had a solid black cover, with bright purple writing on the front, the title
reading 'The Shadow Wolf.'

Taranthus mused over this. He sat down and looked the book over, and saw that the back had writing on it as well.

"Beware, reader. For this tome bares the unknown history of a milennia of milennia before the great Realms War, when Makai was young and the balance of power had yet to be. Before Aballam became Supreme in his realm, and was considered the greatest of them all. Before the Festering King became the enemy of all that lives. Before the Skin Dancer died, and before the Shadow Lord was slain. This is a tale of three demons who upset the balance early
on in history. This was the last of my learnings, learnings of the one beast which might allow the Shadowlands to rule both Makai and the World of Humans forever."

The signiture read simply, "Darkside"

Taranthus blinked. "What in Hades does this mean? I wonder if my Lord and Lady know of this?" He thought to take it to them immediately.


Taranthus turned. A book had fallen out of the top shelf. He looked up and saw a human shape standing on top of the bookshelf. It was clad totally in black, save for a purple overmantle, and purple eyes which shone like small gems from it's dark black skin.

Taranthus laughed. "Didn't anyone ever tell you that the ninja look is out of style?" and then he spat a fireball. The ninja vanished, and reappeared on the ground. Before the shocked demon could react, the ninja's hands had wrapped themselves around him, lifting him and throwing him across the room.

Taranthus rolled to his feet and stared at the ninja. Then he looked at the book, which he was still holding.

"You are one of them, aren't you? A Shadowlander."

The ninja nodded.

"What do you want of me?"

The ninja simply pointed to the book. Taranthus looked at it, then back at the ninja. "You want me to read it?"

The ninja nodded.

"But why?"

The ninja formed a large battleaxe with one of his arms.

"Ah. For HEALTH reasons. Perfectly understandable." Taranthus, seeing no way out except for reading the book, sat down and opened the book to chapter one.

Chapter Alpha: Tekla, the Machine Demoness, Lord Of The Teklands.
"The machine demoness comes from beyond the stars of the human realm, landing in Makai by sheer accident. The last survivor of her race, apparently fleeing from the Hellstormers, she immediately set out to conquer a land. She infected the Chaosgrounds with a virus of an unknown type, changing everything to half-machine like herself, and taking up residence in the center of the realm, naming her dark castle the Willa Wisp Web. Her palace in itself seemed to live and breath, and whomever was summoned to it, vanished. It is presumed that she devoured them all. Tekla was solely
responsable for the decline in the number of fallen angels living in Makai. A vicious cannibal, only her comrades in the Infernal Trinity were safe from her voracious appetite. Rumors abound that she caused the destruction of
her species by eating them all. Her machine magic made her nearly invincible."

Taranthus turned to the ninja, who stared impassively back at him. "I don't understand," the demon said, "There is no record of her anywhere in the ancient texts."

^Do any of them pre-date the Realms War by more than a few dozen centuries?^ The ninja asked, speaking directly into the demon's mind. ^Continue reading. Read the whole tome, and I will set you free.^

Taranthus blinked at the ninja, and then turned his eyes back to the book.

Chapter Beta: Valdoll, the Dragon Sorcerer, Lord Of Nocturne

"Valdoll was a vicious brute. He had command over the dragons that resided in the Makai. Each and every one bent to his will. This grey-bearded, silver-robed wizard had power to make even the most powerful of Darkstalkers
tremble in fright. His magic was awesome to behold, driving even the most powerful of gods and monsters away, and enslaving those brave enough (or foolish enough) to stay. Valdoll is said to have come from a red planet far across the universe, but those who have thought to ask him did not live long enough to get an answer. Extremely paranoid, his followers were few, and so loyal that they would give their lives willingly to him."

Taranthus turned to the ninja, confused. "What does this have to do with anything? So a powerful trio of monsters ruled Makai for a while. They are gone now. And who is the Shadow Wolf?"

^Keep reading.^ The ninja snapped.

Chapter Gamma: Samhain, the Halloween King, Lord Of The Demon Realm

"What?! But Ozum has always reigned there." The ninja pointed at the book again, shaking his head. Taranthus blinked and turned back to the book.

"Apparenty not. Samhain, the self-proclaimed Halloween King, used powers not seen since the days of the Great Old Ones. Forever cloaked totally in a robe of shadows, his powers struck blows to Ozum which would have killed anyone else, forcing the enraged king of demons to flee his kingdom. Very little is know about Samhain, save that he is tremendously powerful, and incredibly deadly. Not even Tekla or Valdoll knew much about him, save that he appeared out of the Plague Lands, driving out the Festering King as he did so. He joined up with Valdoll and Tekla as they
were establishing their power bases in the three primary lands of Makai, and together they laid waste to anyone who opposed them."

Taranthus shook his head, closing the book. "Who are these three? Who is the Shadow Wolf? And what in all nine circles of Hell does this have to do with right here and now?"

^The book is enchanted with the memories of all those involved. Only these first three small chapters were written. Turn the page and you will realize who the Shadow Wolf is. And why he is the harbinger of doom for anyone who oppose the Shadowlands. The time has come, but the history must be known! You are the witness! READ!^ the ninja shouted, swelling in size as his human shape became something more monstrous.

Taranthus looked at the ninja, and finally realized that he was indeed a denizen of the Shadowlands. He feared this creature now. Knowing he had no choice, he opened the book once again.

To be continued...