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by KnightMysterio

The Void...

Jonathan fell through the void, having no sense of self, no sense of being. He had been sucked from his world and sent here, not knowing where he was going and afraid of where he might end up. Screaming he tumbled through nothingness, being sucked into a vortex of light...

Professor Silverweed's Laboratory...
June 3, 2289

An aging, silver-haired old man with thick glasses that hid his eyes walked out of the dome-shaped laboratory, stretching as he took in the sunlight.

"Aaaaaahh... A beautiful day. I wonder who I'll meet today?"

His question was answered by a portal opening in midair, and a screaming young boy falling out.

"Whoah... I better go check this out..." he said, running back into his laboratory to collect some equipment.

The forests outside of Silverweed's Lab...
A few minutes later...

Jonathan groaned as he landed, his fall slowed from lethal to just painful by the branches of the trees. He slowly got up and looked around, brushing dust and leaves off of his black jeans and sweater.

"How the hell did I get to wherever here is? Last thing I remember..." he folded his arms, trying to think. His train of thought was disrupted when he heard the sound of a gun's safety being released.

"Freeze," said a female voice, "Turn around slowly, and put your hands on the back of your head."

Jonathan, not wanting to have his head blown off, did so. He looked at his attacker, and blinked.

She was a tall, athletic woman with soft, tan-colored skin. She wore a pair of faded blue jeans and a red jacket, with her long, blue hair cascading over the shoulders of it. The gun was a 38 millimeter Police Special.

"It can't be... she's just a cartoon..." Jonathan said to himself as he recognized her.

The woman glared at him, keeping her gun trained on his head. "Quiet. I'm asking the questions. I'm Elisa Maza, NYPD, badge number 6873. I want you to tell me where the hell I am, and how I went from walking in Central Park to this forest."

Omigod. It IS her! Jonathan thought. Out loud, he said, "Listen, Officer Maza, I'm just as confused as you are."

"I don't buy it. You KNOW something."

"HEY!!" shouted a squeaky old man's voice. Both Elisa and Jonathan turned to see a wirey haired man in a white labcoat running down, followed close behind by a magenta-haired woman clad in similar attire. The old man leaned back and shouted, "CATCH THIS, AND THROW IT AT HER!" throwing a small, pink-and-white ball. Elisa, confused, fired a few shots at the ball, her nervous state making her miss every single time. Jonathan ran forward and caught the ball.

"Oh no you don't!" Elisa shouted, pointing her gun at Jonathan. Jonathan yipped and instinctively threw the ball at her with surprising force. Before Elisa could react, the ball hit her in the chest. The ball opened and, to Jonathan's shock, Elisa was changed into red light and sucked into the ball, which snapped shut and floated back into Jonathan's hand.

The old man and the youngish woman finally caught up to him. The young woman braced the old man as he caught his breath, staggering forward as he came to a stop. Jonathan took a closer look at her and blinked. The woman grinned.

"Before you ask, yes, I am a Washu, from the Tenchi animes, and that was an Elisa Maza, from the Gargoyles cartoon."

Jonathan just stared at her, his eyes growing wider. The old man finally caught his breath, and grinned at him. Jonathan looked at the old man.

"I'm confused," he whimpered. Washu and the old man chuckled.

"Come with me back to my lab and I'll explain everything. My name is Professor Andrew Silverweed. Who might you be?"

It took Jonathan a minute to realize he'd been asked a question. "I'm Jonathan Towers. Why did a cartoon character just get sucked into a Pokeball I threw at her?"

Professor Silverweed laughed. Washu shook her head, grinning. "An out-of-towner. Don't worry, everything will start to make sense once we explain," she said, then paused, thinking about what she said for a moment, "Well... partial sense, anyway. C'mon." Washu gestured as she and Professor Silverweed started back up the trail to the lab. Jonathan nodded numbly and followed.

Back at the lab...

Elisa Maza sneered at the professor, covering herself as best she could inside the analyzation chamber. Upon reaching the lab, Jonathan had been asked to release Elisa from what he called a 'bisho-ball' so that he could give her a full physical to determine how healthy she was. Reluctantly, she did as asked, seeing no other alternative other than to playing along, and stripped, going into the professor's scanner.

Jonathan, meanwhile, just sat and watched, trying not to stare at Elisa, not wanting her to try and shoot him again.

Professor Silverweed finished his exam and gave Elisa her clothes back. After she was dressed, Washu sat her down next to Jonathan, and went over to join the professor.

"Now. I bet both of you want to know what's going on. Right?"

"Hell yes," snarled Elisa.

Washu smirked indulgently at her, then began to type in midair. A console appeared in front of her as she typed, showing the information she wanted.

"Two hundred years ago, due to a severe electronics problem which led to a mutation in technology to the modern, semi-sentient stuff we have today, portals to various other worlds, including comic book worlds, anime and cartoon worlds, video game worlds, etcetera opened up, along with gates to infinite alternate versions thereof. People investigating these worlds discovered that you could capture the various characters of those worlds, such as Elisa and myself in modified Pokeballs. Our kind were named Bishoumon, with the three types getting different names, Bishoujo, for the women, and Bishonen, for the men, and Seibutsu, for the creatures of both genders.

"Unfortunetly, the earliest Bishoumon Trainers were perverts, forcing their Bishoumon into acts of sexual perversion, collecting huge harems of both genders. Naturally, the cosmic entities of the various dimensions, who, by the way, are immune from being captured, most notedly a Living Tribunal from a Marvel Comics Universe, and an army of Zhuqiaomon, Ebonwumon, Baihumon, and Azulongmon from over a hundred Digimon Tamers universes, were a little miffed to say the absolute least, and threatened to wage war on our dimension if we didn't shape up. The fact that pet abuse and abandonment was at an all time high didn't help any.

"Armageddon was averted when a treaty was created, and approved by the Living Tribunal. Extremely strict laws were passed all around the world, preventing abuse to animals of any kinds, even those that were being raised as food. The strictest laws were about the protection of Bishomon, Bishoujo in particular, since they were victimized the most. The kind of Bishoumon trainers that exist today are more like Pokemon trainers, raising and training their Bishoumon as fighters, and, on occasion, workers and househelpers. The earliest trainers were arrested and put away for life, and their Bishoumon were released and nursed back to health by the various deities. Things have proceeded normally since then, with Bishoumon trainers being closely monitored."

Elisa frowned. "So... When he threw that ball at me, I became his... Bishoujo, was it?"

Washu nodded. "Also, part of the treaty was that anything the Bishoujo or Bishonen owns becomes property of the trainer. Needless to say, Washus became a very popular Bishoujo to have," said Washu, not without some pride.

Elisa snarled. Washu grinned. "Also, in case you were thinking about killing him, don't bother. Bishoballs slightly alter the minds of whomever they capture, making the Bishomon incapable of doing any kind of harm to their trainer. It comes in handy for wild ones like you who don't know what they are."

"This is degrading..." Elisa muttered, "So I'm his slave?"

Washu laughed out loud. "Hardly. If Sparky here treated you like a slave he'd be arrested and sent to jail forever. Although there are some Bishoumon that are fully aware of what they are and have sort of a subservient personality. You two are travelling companions at the least."

"And at the most?"

Washu blushed. "Well, let's just say that... 'friskiness' between trainers and their alpha Bishomon is not uncommon. In Jonathan's case, the alpha would be you, since it's becoming blatantly obvious that you won't be going back in your Bisho-ball anytime soon, and will be walking with him on his adventure."

"Damn straight." Elisa relaxed, slightly mollified. (Slightly, anyway.) Jonathan raised his hand, having questions of his own.

"You called me an 'out-of-towner.' What does that mean?"

Professor Silverweed answered this one. "You are one of many people sucked out of the time period when the technology mutation occured, sucked out of their time and sent to this one. I'm sorry, but you cannot go home. If we tried to send you back, you'd be lost in time forever."

"WHAT?!" Jonathan shouted. Elisa gasped and looked at Jonathan.

Washu nodded. "It's a very unstable period. Any time machine I could make wouldn't function properly."

Professor Silverweed continued. "Bishoumon scientists, if they think that the out-of-towner can be trusted, the scientist takes them in and adopt them."

Elisa and Jonathan gave him a look of total confusion. Silverweed laughed. "Trust me. It all works out in the end. If you two will just wait a day, I'll get you processed, and you can get started on your journey."

Elisa grunted. Jonathan nodded, looking sheepishly at Elisa. Washu motioned for them to follow her, and they both got up, following her down a hallway off of the main lab to a small room. She led them to a cozy little room with an open bathroom with a closed-off toilet and a fully open shower, a veiw of the forest and nearby mountain range, and soft, green carpeting.

And one bed.

Elisa grumbled. "Let me guess. I can't make him sleep on the floor because little robots come in and sweep each night."

Washu giggled. "That's correct."

Elisa snarled. Washu laughed even harder. "Don't worry. He seems like a nice kid. I'm sure you'll eventually get along. Oh, just so you know, my children will be here tommorrow with their Bishoumon. They'll want to meet the two of you."

"Kids?" Elisa asked. Washu grinned.

"I may be a Bishoujo, but I'm still a woman. Their father is the professor, my husband for the past forty years."

Jonathan and Elisa noticed for the first time the grey streaks in Washu's hair.

Washu grinned widely and bid them goodnight, leaving the room. Elisa and Jonathan looked at each other.

Elisa, for her part, considered the boy. He really didn't seem all that bad, and his history made her feel just a trace sorry for him. As she watched, Jonathan went over to the window and just stared out if at the mountains.

"You okay, kid?" Elisa asked.

Jonathan blinked then smiled at her. "Yeah. It's... It's just a lot to get used to all at once."

He stared idly out the window, sighing. Elisa sat down next to him, putting an arm around his shoulder. "Believe me, kid. I know how you feel. But the professor and this Washu person seem to want to help us. I think everything will work out."

"I... I just miss my family. That's all. If what Washu said is true, then I won't be able to see them ever again."

Elisa grimaced at that. "I really don't know what I can do about that. All I can tell you is that we're going to have to be there for each other." Whether we like it or not, Elisa thought inwardly. She'd put up with the kid for his benefit. He didn't seem all that bad. "Do you want to shower first, or should I?"

Jonathan nodded. "I'll go first. If this is going to turn out to be anything like a Pokemon journey, I may not get a chance to shower for a while." He started to undress, and Elisa saw for the first time that he was very handsome, and very well-muscled in all the right places.

Elisa turned around quickly and stared at the wall, blushing herself now, and grinning nervously. Maybe this won't be so bad after all, she thought.

Silverweed's lab...
At the same time...

Washu smiled at them on the monitor and wandered over to the professor, who was busy typing away on a computer, getting Jonathan's 'out-of-towner' papers signed and approved, as well as getting him a credit account, a Bishomon trainer's liscence, and some basic equipment he'd need for his journey. Add to that the e-mails from colleuges and family that he had to answer, and he seemed a bit hassled.

"How's it going, Andy?" Washu asked, massaging his shoulders.

Silverweed looked at his wife and smiled. "It's going well, actually. His papers are going through quickly, and he should be ready by morning."

Washu smiled. "That's good," she said as looked at the screen. "Hey, e-mails from Cole and Kayla."

Silverweed nodded. "Yeah. Apparently Cole's beaten a Tommy Oliver gym leader that has both Green and White Ranger powers, and Kayla's captured all four Ronin Warrior warlords."

Washu chuckled. "Tomorrow should be interesting."

The next day...

Elisa woke up first as the rays of the rising sun struck her eyes gently. She grunted and sat up, noting with mild displeasure that no, last night wasn't a nightmare. She was still in a different reality and still aparently the 'partner' of some kid who threw a weird Pokeball at her, a kid who, by the way, came from the past...

...and couldn't return home.

Damn... Elisa thought, And I thought I had problems. I can at least go home to my reality. She sighed, and shook Jonathan awake. He mumbled something, and slowly sat up. "C'mon," Elisa said, "Let's see if the nutty professor has made breakfast yet."

Jonathan nodded, and got up, putting a shirt on (she had slept in her undergarments, but she refused to let Jonathan do the same) and going into the bathroom to brush his hair and teeth. Elisa sighed and turned to the door as it opened, a small robot on rollers coming in with her clothes, which had needed to be laundered last night and had been done after Jonathan.

The robot gave her clothes back. "Thanks," Elisa said. The robot beeped and started to turn, but Elisa stopped it, "Hey, can I ask you something?" she said. The robot beeped affirmatively. Elisa bit her lip, looking at Jonathan for a moment, then said, "Do Washu and Silverweed design these rooms for Bishoumon like me? Ones that have trouble accepting their trainers?"

A panel opened on the robot, and a claw arm holding a smiley face with a michevious grin on it was her answer. Elisa fumed. "Figures." She shooed away the robot and got dressed. As she did, she turned to Jonathan and smiled at him. The trouble is, it worked. I do sort of feel better about being with this kid as his Bishoujo. She just shook her head and finished dressing. When they both were ready, they went out to the lab to talk with Professor Silverweed and Washu before leaving.

When they got there, they saw two others there that they didn't recognize. One was an arrogant looking young man in all denim, pants, shirt, and jacket, the other was a girl in a silk jogging uniform with various badges pinned on it. Silverweed caught sight of them Elisa and Jonathan and smiled.

"Ah! I'd like to introduce you to our children. This is my son, Cole. He's just a few badges short of earning the right to challenge Indigo Plateau."

The boy nodded, smirking.

"And this is my girl, Kayla. She HAS earned the right to fight Indigo Plateau."

"How do you do?" the girl said, bowing nobly.

Cole grinned at Jonathan, and looked Elisa over. Hmmm. Good shape. A rogue, so she might not listen to him in a match, but she'd probably give a good fight. "Mom & Dad told us all about you in their last letter. We wanted to see for ourselves."

Kayla grinned viciously. "Well, that's not all, y'know."

Cole looked at her and rolled his eyes. "Kayla insists on establishing herself as a rival to people. She wants to have a match with you. I know you probably just woke up, but would you mind? She's been harping about 'needing a worthy challenger' for quite a while, and it's starting to get annoying."

Elisa and Jonathan looked at each other.

"This is a bit much to expect from you right away, Elisa. If you don't want to, you don't have to."

Elisa smiled. "Look, this is the way it is now. I feel like a frickin' Pikachu, but I think I can deal with this. I'll listen to you, just don't make me lose."

Elisa started forward, nodding to Kayla and dropping into a fighting stance.

Kayla grinned and reached for one of the Bishoballs at her belt. Washu started over to Jonathan to give him is Bishodex so that he'd know her attacks, when a voice thundered out from seemingly everywhere.


A man in a white shirt with a bowtie with grey hair and a thick mustache appeared from a trashcan. He took position between Jonathan and Kayla. Professor Silverweed, Washu, Kayla, and Cole groaned. Jonathan and Elisa gaped.


Elisa and Jonathan just stared. Kayla groaned. "He's unavoidable. Let's just do this." Elisa and Jonathan eventually managed to stop staring at the strange Mr.Referee (Jonathan recognizing him finally from the Medabots anime), and turned back to Kayla.

Kayla smirked. "Time to play, boys and toys! DAIS! I CHOOSE YOU!"

She threw out a Bishoball, and a massive man in magenta-and-green arachnoid armor appeared. He looked at Elisa, who by this point had paled to the color of the professor's labcoat, and chuckled.

Professor Silverweed began typing at a console, as first a forcefield appeared around the area where Elisa and Dais were fighting, and a Bishodex scanner appeared in mid-air next to Dais.

Bishoumon: Dais, The Warlord Of Illusion
Type: Bishonen
Class: Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers
Element: Enchanted Human
Alignment: Evil
Symbol: Serenity
Weapons: 6-Extensor Blades, Nunchaku, Spiked-Ball Flails
Strongest Attacks: Web Of Deception, Illusion Pummel
Data: Dais, a master of illusions, is a deadly warrior that can kill from any angle without the opponent knowing he is there.

As an afterthought, he called up Elisa's screen.

Bishoumon: Elisa Maza, Warrior Of The Night
Type: Bishoujo
Class: Gargoyles
Element: Human
Alignment: Good
Symbol: Justice
Weapons: .38 Special
Strongest Attacks: Justice Kick, Enforcer Strike
Data: Elisa is a strong-willed policewoman with the cunning to get out of any situation. Her martial-arts ability is matched only by a few.

Elisa gulped as her screen vanished, and Dais cracked his knuckles. "I really hope that thing is right." She turned to Dais, who simply smiled and said,

"Enough talk. Let's begin."

Disclaimer: The various characters are property of their respective owners borrowed for non-profit reasons, except for the ones I create. :) Pocket Bishoujo and Pocket Bishonen are copyright their respective creators, I'm just borrowing it because I think it's cool. :) Also, the Gyms in various parts of the story may not exactly follow the website for either PokeBishonen or PokeBishoujo, and there will also be the inclusion of Bishoujo and Bishonen that haven't been added to either Bishodex. Just so you know.