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.... Hmph.  Here's some other fanfics by KnightMysterio, each one with no connection to any other series.  I'll let him tell you the descs.  I'm at the bottom of the page as well, acting as the back button.

This is a fanfic I did for The Chainsman Institute, an EXTREMELY well-made PG-13 damsel-in-distress site.  There's a couple links in various places around the site.

Security Problems, by Dr.Jonathan Spires

Here's another little ficcie I'm working on.  It's a different sort of Street Fighter fanfic, with Elena falling into the darkness and Akuma's suffering that results from something that happened to him during the events of Street Fighter Three...

Satsui no Hadou Mezameta Elena

This is sort of a semi-ongoing series that I'm working on just for fun.  It's a fanfiction for the Pocket Bishoujo website that I wrote.  Enjoy.

Bishoumon! Bishie Monsters!

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