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This page contains my veiws on Life, the Universe, and Everything.  May greatly offend Republicans, Conservatives, and anyone who likes Jerry Falwell or Rush Limbaugh.

Why, do you ask, would my veiws offend people who like Rush & Jerry?  Simple.  I hate both of them, and think that it is people like them who are holding the U.S.A. back from becoming a true utopia.

I'm tired.  I'm very tired. 

I'm tired of Bush and his lackies lying and being stupid, assuming AMERICA is as stupid as they are.  I want them gone.  They're going to destroy the nation, I know it.

Don't do anything drastic, but do something that is important: VOTE FOR SOMEONE OTHER THAN BUSH IN 2004!!  I DON'T CARE WHO YOU VOTE FOR, JUST PLEASE, DON'T VOTE FOR BUSH!!

Thank you.


I do NOT tolerate bigotry.  Of any kind.  Be warned about making derogatory comments around me.

This page is copyright Tripod, but written by me.  All views expressed on this page are protected by the US Government, so I have a right to state them, you can't do anything about them, so nyah.