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My Harem

Here is my harem of beautiful ladies, all dedicated to servicing... *ahem* serving me.


Rules For My Harem Girls
  1. You must always be ready to please me at any time.  Pleasure is all that should matter to you now, mainly MY pleasure.
  2. You are forbidden to leave the confines of the harem unless you have special permission.
  3. Your old lives are over, remember that.  You are here now to serve me.
  4. When I am not around, I expect to pleasure each other.  There is no excuse for loneliness.
  5. Obey me.  Always.  Obey, and you will be treated as royalty, loved forever and kept safe. 
  6. Enjoy yourselves and enjoy each other.

My first slave.
Mmmm.  Greetings, master. :)

Beautiful Samurai...
I live to service.... er... serve.

My personal transport
You can ride me anytime, master. :)

More kitties. :)
Mrow. :)

Beautiful girls, all enslaved to my will.  Thanks, Anime Sultan!

My cuddly pet

Pretty Kitty
Meow! :3

My massage therapist
Let me take care of you, my lord...

Brutal Beauty
My lord... *bows*

My personal bodyguard

Welcome, master. :)

Icy Genius
My lord, let me please you...

Haremon is copyright the Anime Sultan