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These are Pocket Bishoujo Gym Leaders.  Challenging, but lovely fems to defeat and collect on the way to mastery...

Mega Grand Master & Supreme Grand Master Gym Bishoujo

Um, listen, I *DO* have a job to do...

Time to relax.  AWAY from the oceans...

Sailor Moon said it'd be easy to not get caught...

Last time we listen to her, huh Himeko?

Nope, they're not bitter at all, are they? :)

I still get to continue my search?  Cool! :)

My my, aren't you the doll-lover... *evil grin*

Oh, you actually LIKE me using the whip on you? :)

The ladies love me!

High score, kid.  It only gets harder from here.

Neat.  But you still have a long way to go.

Impossible!  I am the Greatest!

Hmph.  I'd arrest you, but it's against Bishie law

I don't mind.  It just means I'm popular. :):):)

A new doll for your collection I am. :)

Need... Beer...

Stupid Sonic.  Said I couldn't be caught...

The Supreme One has arrived!


Congratualtions on your victory!

Bravo, luv!  Victory for you!

Bravo.  I hope I was a challenge.

Your ultimate challenge is complete! BRAVO!!

I am the champion!  Soon I will be invincible!


Masters & Grand Masters Gym Bishoujo

Stupid human.  I knew I should have stayed home...

The good thing is that Lina is on another page.

Ugh.  Beaten in five minutes.  Humiliating.

Grrr.  I'll wreck this place yet.

Next time he won't be so lucky...

Well, it'll be nice to take care of someone new!

All my money and he still beat me...

Well, this is strange...

Confession: I got desperate on Sayaka.

Well, I can practice magic in peace now, at least.

Ranma has it easy compared to me...

Mya!  Catch Rally soon so I can torment her!

Think of the damage Vash will do without me there!

Oh brother.  I can't avenge the doc like this!

Cool.  Seems like a nice spot for training.

Sailor Goon's got nothin' on me...

Hrm.  Well, maybe he's a little cuter than him...

I am da man!

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