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KnightMysterio's Homepage
KM's caught Bishoujo

These are all the Bishoujo I've caught.  So far. :)

This is the homepage for Pocket Bishoujo. Click this and start your own collection. :)

The Game has begun. :)

My first Bishoujo
This is degrading...

Bishoujo-loving Bishoujo
OOH!  I've died and gone to heaven!

The Queen
*purrs* All these beauties... all for me...


Brainiac Superheroine
Hm.  How'd this happen?

Ninja Maiden
Well, at least I won't be lonely here.  Hi, Kaoru!

Mistress Of Cash
I'll give YOU money if you LET ME GO!!!

Cutie Catgirl Lady :)
Myaaah!  Sakyura!  Help me out here!

Empress Of The Moon Kingdom
Oh dear.  Now you know what happened to me...

Angel Knight
*sighs* The price of popularity.

Digimon Queen
You better put up a Seibutsu page with Renamon PDQ

Kitsune Cop
I'd love to help, Natsuki, but...

Blonde Bombshell
Myeh.  A little help escaping please?

Daughter of Earth's 'Savior'
Yay!  Someplace where I won't look weak!!

One of the hottest babes around. In fact....
Oh my!  You like me that much?
Check out the Meaningless Drivel page to see what I decided to do recently with her...

Space Pixie

Angel Girl

Wild Catwoman


My Personal Chef



Commading Bishie-Bot

Ah yes, beautiful women.  And they all belong to me. Mwahahahahaha!

My science officer
Illogical.  I am Borg, I cannot be captured...

The girl...
Well, at least he's not a demon...

...and her partner.
Kari, don't worry.  I'll protect you.

Chief Soldier
Just watch the hands, bub...

Savage Fighter
Don't think joo can keep me on a leash, pally...

Tomb Raider
I knew I should have become a stewardess like mum.

Mutant Sorceress
Everyone seems to want me captured...

Weather Witch
You cannot contain me!!!  I think...

Sole Survivor
This is far better than being alone...

Psycho Huntress
He's keeping me fed, at least...

Oh dear.  Lillymon, can we get out of this?

...and her Flower Girl
I'm not sure we can, Mimi...

Galaxy Police's Finest
This is Mihoshi's fault.  I know it.

Motherly Love
Dear me... I hope T.K.'s okay without me...

Cuddly Demigoddess
Heee.  You're even cuter than Tenchi!

Goddess Of Jurai
Behave yourself, Tokimi...

Invincible Android
"Invincible Android?"  All right, you can live. :)

Gun Gal


A Man No More...

Leyline Key

Fearless Robo-Warrior

Mercenary Maiden

Happiness is cuddling up to a warm Bishoujo

Miss Kitty
Hrm.  At least he isn't some hentai pervert...

Master Criminal
I avoid capture for years then you come along...

Beautiful Darkstalker
*puurrrrs* Oh my, aren't you the cutie?

Gorgeous Reaper
*smirks* Have to agree with you there, Felicia...

Lovely Undead Warrior
This simply won't do at all...

Jade Beauty
Normally I'm not into bondage, but....

Demon Huntress
If I'm here, then demons aren't dying.  LET ME GO!

Valentine Criminal
Aw hell.  Carmen?  Any ideas?

Cybernetic Beauty
Not quite how I wanted to retire...

Water Pokemon Mistress
Ash!  You still owe me a bike!  I'll find you!

Vile Spider
Feh.  Maybe you'll be better for me...

Deadly Mercenary
RRAH!  This is your fault, Ryoko!

Insect Empress
I can run my empire from here?  Okay then! :)

Techno Goddess
YOU look interesting to experiment on...

Goddess Of Darkness
Hmm.  *evil laughter* New souls to corrupt...

Angel Of The Cards
Talk about being dealt a cruel hand...

Tough Tomboy

AmaZon Kitty


Pretty Perky Doll :)

Elegant Warrior

Queen Of The Bishoujo

Cutie Actress :)

All characters property their respective owners and borrowed for amusement purposes.  Pocket Bishoujo is copyright Lady Silver Senshi.